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  • About Us

  • For more than a decade our world class services have been at the forefront of all things glass related. We’ve proudly helped new home owners to enjoy flawless windows and glass features, and we’ve even been there to provide immediate support to commercial property owners that have faced damage and vandalism.

    We offer some of the most extensive services in the business and we do it all with the needs and wants of our customers in mind. We are family owned and operated, so we rely on people like you to keep us in action. Our business is a passion - and that’s why we promise to install, repair, maintain and replace your glass as quickly and efficiently as possible, without as much as a moment’s delay.

    What can we do?

    When it comes to glass, there’s not much that we can’t do! We can repair chips and cracks using advanced resin polymer formulas, as well as replace windows if they are in an irreparable condition. If you’d simply like an expert’s advice regarding the condition of your windows, then our premium maintenance services could well be the way to go – but if you have bigger ambition, for instance if you’d like a brand new set of windows added to your home, then our window installation services are second to none.